Where to Eat Vegan food in Tokyo

Many friends who are vegan asked me where they can eat Vegan food in Japan. You already may know, but Vegan is not that common in Japan. Lately the word “Vegitarian” is getting known widely, but there are still few people in japan who know about veganism. Therefore, for vegans, it might be a little hard to find vegan foods while you are here. Today, I’ll introduce some vegan friendly restaurants in Tokyo’s metropolitan area.

*Please check the location and business hours on google before you actually go, as they might change.

Organic table by Lapaz tokyo

Nearest station : Harajuku (原宿)

They have many kinds of vegan foods on the menu, like burgers, curry, and desserts. The location is a bit far from Harajuku’s main area, but the atmosphere of this shop was cool.

AIN SOPH.ripple

Nearest station : Shinjuku(新宿)

They have vegan burgers, taco bowls, and desserts.

AIN SOPH. journey

A more formal environment, offering European fusion dishes like spanish omelet and paella, but also more standard Japanese fare like curry and kara-age.



T’s restaurant

Nearest Station : Jiyuugaoka (自由が丘)

This place is hidden and spacious. If you want to have nice vegan dinner in Tokyo, this shop would be the best.

Chain Restaurants


While not a completely vegan restaurant, they have a vegetarian menu with many vegan options.  If you aren’t near one of the more popular stations, you should be able to find a nearby location.