Printing ID photo at convenience store in Japan

If you are living in Japan, someday you may need to take ID photo for some applications. But do you know where and how you can take ID photo ?

Photo booth near the station or departments would be the most popular way to take ID photo. But it usually cost 800 yen for one sheet that has about 4~6 picture. Most case I only need one or two picture and I just waste rest of them.

Did you know you can take ID photo by your self and print them at convenience store?

I actually used it for my TOEIC exam application form. It only costed 200 yen that had three pictures.

Here is the link for the webpage. They have introduction all in English!!!
So please follow their guideline.

Pic chan


Basically you only need to take picture, upload it to the website, and print it at convenience store using number that provided via email.