The new tool helps learners build a habit of writing in your target language every day

Hello!How’s your Japanese going?You’ve got stuck in lately?If so, today we have a good new for you.

One of my talented friend, Matt launched a blog writing service for language learner! The name is Lingo Log. You can write a blog in your target language with a theme that Lingo Log gives you. One of the great feature of Lingo Log is you can share the post with someone else by sending the URL. So if you have an online tutor or language parter, you can ask them to correct your writing.

Also you can use it for FREE!!! You have nothing to lose! If you’d like to try Lingo Log, please sign up today!

For more details, here is the news release of the Lingo Log.

Big Refactor LLC Launches New Lingo Log Foreign Language Practice Tool

Actually I use Lingo Log for my students Japanese essay correction. If you want me to correct your essay, please send me the URL during lesson.