5 Japanese Beauty Youtuber You Should Know

Beauty nuts know Korea and Japan has so many great beauty products. But it’s sometime difficult to know which item is good or bad as most information are only available in Japanese or Korean language. So today I introduce 5 popular Japanese beauty Youtuber so that you can see what products they recommend and how they do Japanese make up with those items.

Risa Sekine

She is top beauty youtuber in Japan. On her channel, she tries a lot of beauty products and reviews them. So if you are looking Japanese beauty product, you should check her channel.

Yukosu Mote Channel

Moteru(モテる)” means to be popular with opposite sex. So her channel pursue what make-up will be popular for guys. So you will know what is it like Kawaii definition is in Japan.

Asahi Sasaki

She is good at natural make up.

On this video, she is explaining how to make natural eye brow.

Yuria Sato

Miki Kawanishi

She is a good friend of Risa Sekine so they often make collaboration video. On this video, she does make up using only cheap price cosmetic. We call cheap price cosmetics “Puchipura(プチプラ)Cosme”.

Useful Beauty Website and Store


@cosme is the most famous cosmetics review website in Japan. Unfortunately @cosme is only available in Japanese.


@COSME have some stores in some big cities like Shinjuku or Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Ueno etc.

It’s like a drug store but they show ranking based on customer reviews. So it will be helpful when you are deciding which item you get. Also they have a lot of tester, so you can try them before buying them.

Here is the store list.