Habit Tracker PDF Sheet (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Hey! How’s your Japanese learning going?

Today we have free GIVE IT AWAY for all visitors! The content is “Habit Tracker”. As for language learning, I think to make small study habits are really effective.

A few years ago, I wanted to improve my lifestyle so I started to build small habits for that. I started from really really small habits like making beds after waking up. I also started tracking the habits using the sheet like that I will share today. It is said that to make a habit, you need to stick to it for about 3 weeks. Once you keep doing that for 3 weeks, the activity comes naturally to you. Now I don’t use habit tracker for making beds, regular exercises, regular English practices as those are already my routines. I wish you also build your ideal habits to achieve your goals.

We also provide free daily writing tool which I usually use my student’s diary correction. For more detail, please check the blog post below.

The new tool helps learners build a habit of writing in your target language every day